Theta Healing



"It was like someone took 1000lbs off my chest, shoulders, and soul.  I feel such peace and elation"

For the past two years I have had a surge of body actions that brought my life to a halt. I was a nurse working in a hospital. Loved my job. Loved the people. I started having strange things like tonsil stones, picking up a scent or energy of a room and dry heaving and coughing uncontrollably. This occurred for about two years. I did my usual. ... push on. Work harder. Don't analyze. Then in 2014 I had a series of violent incidents that occurred. This seemed to push me over the edge. I was no longer able to cope. I had anxiety, panic attacks and a subsequent diagnosis of agoraphobia. As it is work related, the insurance company gave me traditional methods of healing. unfortunately I didn't seem to be healing. I felt there were things that needed to be dealt with on a deeper level. I came across a post by Angelica and I felt the urge to reach out and connect. She was able to find roots where I did not even realize I consciously had an issue. We set up an appointment for today and the session was beyond my expectations. My hope was some direction and a bit of relief. When we finished I felt such an unbelievable lightness. It was like someone took 1000 lbs off of my chest, shoulders, and soul. I feel such peace and elation. I am extremely grateful for Angelica's gifts. I have tried many modalities of treatment. ... leaving no stone unturned. The benefit I feel after one session of theta healing has made me a believer. I cannot wait for my next session. Many blessings. Namaste.

~ Lewonna Davis, Canada

"She was able to make HUGE progress on core wounds and limiting beliefs, and it has made significant improvements in my body and perception"

I recently had my first Theta Healing session with Angelica.  Yow the depth and breadth we were able to go to in a short time! I had just found her on Facebook, she did not know me. We were willing to follow leads from what my body was reacting to, and intuition and "downloads" and as far out stuff as it took. We bypassed my conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Tapped into cellular memory, which is what I was setting out to clear. Tapped into other realms. She listened to the energy of my words rather than what I was saying (or couldn't say!) Over the years I have stumbled upon some things my body remembers that my mind does not. She tuned into those and was able to make HUGE progress on core wounds and limiting beliefs, whether perceived as from this lifetime or another, or another planet, it doesn't matter. The stories weren't important, it was the emotional imprint. It has made significant improvements in my body and perception. 15 years of western therapy only ever made things worse, and new age positive thinking and law of attraction are missing or ignoring critical elements and cause other problems. Listening to the body and intuition or guidance, however mysterious or unflattering or challenging, has been what has been working miracles and magic for me, bringing me places I've wanted to go, and way way beyond. For anyone struggling, I highly recommend trying something radical from what you've been led to believe, with guidance and discernment! 

~ Aravel Forbes, Kukuihaele, HI


"I've had a significant decrease in the level of arthritis pain I'm feeling, and have a profound feeling of calmness and well-being"

I saw Angelica for my first reiki session. It was an amazing experience. I could feel the energy flowing from her hands into my body.  I don't know very much about this type of healing but found Angelica very willing to answer my questions besides being a very sweet person. I would definitely recommend scheduling a session with her. I will definitely be seeing her again."

~ Annette Jensen, Omaha, NE

"My Reiki attunement was a very profound experience and an amazing gift"

I recieved my Reiki 1 attunement from Angelica. Having done some energy work before, I felt a synchronicity of events that led to that moment, and the experience I had during and after my attunement was testament as well as a confirmation for me that it was indeed something that my soul has been seeking out. I will leave you with a small note I wrote on the experience in the hopes that it leads people to the loving universal energy I experienced in my attunement. If you would like an attunement, healing session, or would even like to learn how to start meditative practices, come talk to Angie. She is very knowledgeable in these things!"

~ Jarret Buchanan, Wichita, KS

"Angelica has amazing energy, it flows freely through her and I am forever changed after the first session" 

I had my first ever Reiki session today, it seems as if I have been ill for half the winter. When this opportunity arose I took it and it was a true blessing. I am already feeling so much better. Conventional medicine was a big fail. Gratitude.

​~ Melody Peters, Omaha, NE

"Having been attuned and healed by Angelica, I know I'm connected to the divine, and it's entralling"
It is absolutely amazing what this highly intuitive healer can do with the hands of Reiki.  I couldn't thank her enough for passing down the gift of energy healing to me, and I am extremely excited to get all of my attunements from this true Reiki Master."

~ Marcus Cahoon, Denver, CO