Retreats Customized to You!

Thinking of Visiting the Sacred Valley of Peru?

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a powerful nexus of healing work and spiritual community.  After living here for the last three years, I have decided to make it my home!  I am currently offering private, fully customized, and AFFORDABLE retreats for anywhere from 1-3 people.  The energy of the ancient Incans fills the area, and I have found all of the work I do to be much deeper.  Retreats are an amazing way to fully immerse yourself in your healing path!  I prefer to center my retreats around Reiki Training, offering an IMMERSION/OTHER WORD of both Level I and Level II Reiki.  However, if you are already attuned to Reiki, or prefer not to take the training, I have other options available!

5 Day Reiki Training Immersion Retreat

  • Reiki I and II Attunements and Teachings

  • 3 Full Healing Sessions

  • 3 Herbal Salt Baths

  • 1 Massage from a Local Practitioner of your Choice

  • 1 Cacao Ceremony (optional/included in price)

  • 1 Rape Ceremony (optional/included in price)

  • 1 Complimentary Sauna at Melissa Wasi in Pisac

  • Private Taxi to the Sacred Kinsa Cocha Lake for the Attunement

  • Private Taxi from the Cusco Aiport to my home

  • All Meals Freshly Prepared According to your Diet

  • Private Bedroom and Bathroom for your Stay in a Gorgeous Rural Area

Current Investment:  $650 USD  (Significant discounts available for those already in Peru!)

In this Retreat, you will learn all of the basics that you need to begin practicing Reiki.  All of the details of what is covered in the two levels of Reiki can be found here.  

  • Healing Sessions:  These three sessions will use a variety of techniques and modalities that I have been working with over the last 7 years, combining Reiki, Theta Healing, Sound Therapy, and Shamanic Techniques.  You can read about these modalities here.  One session will be given at the beginning of the retreat, one on the day you receive the Reiki Attunements, and a final on the last day.  

  • Herbal Salt Baths:  Enjoy 3 luxurious baths on your own timing during your stay.  There is an amazing plethora of fresh medicinal herbs in Peru that will be added to the bathwater.  The combination will depend on any physical or mental conditions that you have.  The salt used in these baths comes from the Maras Salt Flats in Peru, the purity and effects are similar to that of Himalayan Pink Salt.  A mixture of pure essential oils will be added to your bath.  

  • Massage:  There are a variety of very talented massage therapists from all over the world in the Valley.  Before you arrive, we will discuss what style of massage fits you best!

  • Cacao Ceremony:  Called "the food of the Gods" in ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations, this beautiful chocolate medicine helps to open the heart and throat chakras and connect more deeply to your intuion and emotions.  It is so much more than mere chocolate, this is raw, unadulterated cacao with Theobromine as an active ingredient.  It is very mildly psychoactive.   

  • Rape Cermony:  This ceremony works with a pure powdered form of tobacco, very helpful for those who feel they need to release alot of built up negativity.  Read more about rape here

  • Sauna:  Melissa Wasi is a beautiful resort on the outskirts of Pisac.  At Hampi Wasi (meaning "healing house" in the local dialect) you will enjoy a relaxing, all natural sauna.  Healing music is sung inside the space, and as you feel to take breaks, there are cold showers, a hot fire, and hot tea waiting for you.

  • Kinsa Cocha:  This lake is considered Sacred by the locals for the powerful mountain spirits that reside there, and for providing water to a large amount of the valley.  This is where we will go to do your Reiki Attunements.   The lake is far away from any hustle and bustle at nearly 14,000 foot altitude.  You may see condors and alpaca during our hike, and some of the most gorgeous vistas in the entire valley.

  • Transportation:  To ensure your safe arrival, I will have my personal taxi driver meet you right outside of teh airport and drive you to my house.  

Personal Attention and Mentorship

​In most cases, my classes are held one-on-one, but I will do joint classes for couples or very small groups of close friends.  I believe each person contains their own unique method of healing within them, and my teaching style is focused on helping you discover and develop this.  In addition to learning traditional Reiki techniques and procedures, I will work with you individually to help you understand how you perceive energy and how your unique intuitive guidance comes through.  In addition to classes tailored just to you, I offer all of my students lifetime support and guidance through your Reiki journey!  I am more than happy to meet with you in person prior to scheduling a class to talk about my approach and for you to see how comfortable you feel with me.  

***While my healing works is effective at a distance, Reiki Attunements must be done in person.  I am currently near Pisac Peru and returning to Omaha sometime in the late Summer 2018.

***In some cases, I am able to do a 3 day intensive workshop covering both Reiki I and II at a discounted rate.  A meeting is required before scheduling a combined class

9 Day Plant Medicine Retreats

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • 1 Cacao Ceremony

  • 1 Rape Ceremony

  • 2 Healing Sessions

  • 1 Massage from a Local Practitioner of your Choice

  • 4 Herbal Salt Baths

  • Preparation Protocol and Guidance

  • 2 Complimentary Saunas at Melissa Wasi in Pisac

  • Private Taxi from the Cusco Airport to my home

  • All Meals Prepared Following the Diet Protocol for Working with Ayahuasca

  • Private Bedroom and Bathroom for your Stay in a Gorgeous Rural Area

  • 12 hours of Integration Counseling and Support over Skype after the Retreat ($25 per hour if additional time is needed)

Current Investment:  $900 USD  (Discounts available for those already in Peru!)