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Learning Reiki is ideal for those wanting to learn to feel their energy and heal themselves, begin a path of healing work, or integrate energy work into massage or other therapies. Learning Reiki is not just an undertaking for those who want to become healers, it is an incredible tool for healing and accepting yourself, spiritual growth, and enrichment in your life!  Reiki is an energy that is inherent to us as human beings, and thus, everyone can learn regardless of experience.  Many of us have been conditioned throughout our childhood to lose our natural connection to Reiki and the life energy all around us.  A Reiki attunement opens up your energy channels, and reconnects you to this beautiful energy that is your birthright.  An attunement will also activate and/or greatly enhance your intuitive abilities and psychic perception!  Each attunement acts as an empowerment and powerful clearing on a different level of your being.  A Level I attunement clears toxins from the physical body.  Level II begins a process of clearing old trauma, negative emotions, and negative belief patterns, and the Master attunement focuses on clearing energy from other lifetimes, your ancestry, and the human collective.

Learning Reiki from Angelica was fantastic. She is organized, attentive and truly cares about your progress as a practitioner and person. Angelica's passion for healing is contagious and her personal approach to teaching helps you understand the power of receiving this education. I so appreciated her structured lessons and really enjoyed my time learning from her. I feel equipped to explore my own Reiki practice and help others on their healing journeys. Thank you so much Angelica!

--Catherine Soler

   Yoga Instructor, New York City

Reiki has no specific religious affiliation or spiritual requirements.  All Reiki practitioners act on what are called the "Reiki Principles", which include simple guidelines for living a happy life.  The principles are further expanded on in the Reiki I class.

Personal Attention and Mentorship

​In most cases, my classes are held one-on-one, but I will do joint classes for couples or very small groups of close friends.  I believe each person contains their own unique method of healing within them, and my teaching style is focused on helping you discover and develop this.  In addition to learning traditional Reiki techniques and procedures, I will work with you individually to help you understand how you perceive energy and how your unique intuitive guidance comes through.  In addition to classes tailored just to you, I offer all of my students lifetime support and guidance through your Reiki journey!  I am more than happy to meet with you in person prior to scheduling a class to talk about my approach and for you to see how comfortable you feel with me.  

***While my healing works is effective at a distance, Reiki Attunements must be done in person.  I am currently near Pisac Peru and occasionally make visits to Omaha, NE to hold classes. 

***In some cases, I am able to do a 3 day intensive workshop covering both Reiki I and II at a discounted rate.  A meeting is required before scheduling a combined class

Reiki Level I​​

  • Learn about the History of Reiki and the Usui Lineage

  • Learn about the Chakras and Meridians

  • Guided Self Healing Meditation

  • Learn Hand Positions for Healing Yourself and Others

  • Receive Four Attunements to Open your Channel and Activate Reiki

  • Receive a Healing Session

  • Do A Guided Practice Healing

  • Learn How You Perceive Energy and how to Connect to Your Intuitive Guidance

Reiki Level II

  • Learn How to Use Reiki Remotely/Over Distances

  • Learn How to Use Reiki to Clear the Energy of Rooms, Buildings, and Objects

  • Learn Three Powerful Symbols to Enhance and Focus the Energy During a Healing

  • Receive a Second Degree Attunement Focused on Releasing Negative Emotions, Traumas, and Thought Patterns

  • Learn How to Use Reiki in Manifesting things for the Future

  • Learn How to Use a Pendulum

  • Learn How to Visualize and Interpret the Aura

Third Degree Reiki requires verified completion of Reiki I and II and an interview prior to scheduling a class.  In this class you will learn the sacred ritual used to pass Attunements to others, as well as a variety of powerful techniques to use in your healing work.  We will discuss the ethics behind using Reiki as your Life Work, and different approaches to Teaching Reiki if you desire to do so.  For more information, please contact me.

Reiki III:  Mastership and Holy Fire Reiki

Payment Details

Payment is required at the beginning of class.  I do not believe in turning anyone away that feels called to this work, so if this is something that feels very close to your heart, and you are having financial difficulty, please contact me and we can discuss payment plans or alternate options.  I would advise you make your decision in choosing a Reiki teacher based on the feeling of resonance in your heart, and not necessarily through finding the teacher who offers the lowest price. While my rates are competitive, they are not the lowest, and this is reflected in the personalized attention and dedication I give all of my students!  Your total Lifetime Investment for this life changing journey is as follows:


Reiki I:    350 soles in Peru         $200 in the United States


Reiki II:   600 soles in Peru         $300 in the United States


Reiki III:  1000 soles in Peru       $500 in the United States


Classes in Peru require a 25% deposit upon scheduling

Payment is accepted in the form of cash or PayPal with equivalent USD.  PayPal accepts all forms of debit/credit cards, and also offers interest free financing for six months for US residents through PayPal Credit.