Musical Healing Combination Therapy

There are many ways of bringing healing energy through.  People can heal others through their poetry, their voice in song, writing, artwork, music, or more direct physical healing.  My partner Eugene brings this healing energy through the piano. Since he was a toddler he has had the ability to play music that comes to him note by note, reflecting the energy of his surroundings.  The music is completely unique to the situation or person that he is playing for.  When we work in tandem, this energy forms a trinity between ourselves and the client, you inspire the music as you surrender to the energy work and the different things that come up.  The music from all sessions is recorded, digitally produced, and sent to you to be used as an aid in the future.  The energy work is encoded in the music and will affect you each time you listen!  To listen to a sample of Eugene's music, use the player below.  Much more music is available for streaming and downloading at Bandcamp and Patreon

Conscious Communion - Eugene Sedletsky
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These sessions can be done either in person at our residence in Cuyo Grande, Peru, or over distance anywhere in the world.  When these sessions are done at a distance, we ask that you send us a list of intentions you have.  We meditate on these intentions before beginning and connect with you throughout.  When I do distance healing work, I am able to copy the energetic state of the recipient into my body and feel what is happening through me.  Afterward we talk about what was experienced on both ends.  We ask a contribution of 200 soles in Peru or $75-150 at a distance for this work.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up your session!