Rapé Ceremonies

During my time in Peru, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with the sacred plant medicines indigenous to South America, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro Cactus (Huachuma), and Rapé. Rapé is legal to work with in the United States and I am excited to bring this medicine to Omaha to further facilitate healing for my clients.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Rapé or its use!  If you are considering going to South America to work with Ayahuasca, I am also happy to share my experiences with you.

Rapé-Mapacho Tobacco


Rapé (pronounced ha-pay) is a form of pure tobacco that is applied in the nose using a pipe called a tepi.  In North America, tobacco is widely abused and far from its natural form, but when it is used ceremonially with intention, tobacco can facilitate profound clearing and healing. Tobacco has been used by tribes in many traditions all over the world for deep spiritual and physical cleansing, as well as prayer and manifestation. The indigenous peoples in South America revere and consider tobacco to be the master of all plant medicines.


Mapacho tobacco is a different strain than what is typically available in other parts of the world, and Rapé does not contain any of the chemicals or contaminants that are present in American tobacco products such as cigarettes, liquid, or chewing tobacco. The process of making Rapé begins by drying leaves of pure organic mapacho in the sun.   The tobacco is cut by hand and ground up for several hours.  The ground tobacco is then put through several rounds of filtering and sifting, resulting in a very fine smooth powder. It is mixed with the ashes of various medicinal trees from the jungle in the final step of preparation.  The primary medicines I use have been hand prepared by Yawanawa and Nukini tribes in Brazil. It has been prepared with much care and positive intention.  

Rapé is especially useful for instantly clearing negative energy you have picked up from other people through your workplace or through negative emotional interactions.  It can also clear negativity originating from within you, such as anxiety, anger and resentment, or guilt.  For many people, it is useful for removing pain and tension that is stored in the muscles, allowing the entire body to relax deeply.  If you feel a bit scattered or ungrounded, it is very useful to strongly bring you into your center.  


In a Rapé ceremony, I will create a safe and peaceful space for you.  We will spend some time discussing your intentions for the ceremony. You will typically receive three doses over the course of an hour and a half, and I provide assistance in moving and clearing the energy through hands on healing, singing, and drumming.  Rapé is applied up the nose.  It does sting for about 30 seconds, and most people feel the effects beginning in the head and traveling slowly down the body.  It is not a psychoactive medicine, but you may feel more sensitive to the energy in your body and your emotions.  As the medicine moves down your body, it is common to experience some sort of purging. It can clear out mucus in your sinuses, chest, and lungs, as well as the digestive tract.  In some cases it may cause you to spit excessively or vomit if the energy being cleared is particularly intense.

After working with Rapé, you can expect to feel extremely clear, light, and energized.  For many people it provides clarity about stresses in their lives, putting difficult situations into perspective, and leaves one feeling more empowered to better handle the stress in everyday life.

The Mapacho Plant

Rapé Powder

Application of Rapé by a member of a Yawanawa tribe in Brazil

These are held at my home in Omaha, NE to start, and we will travel to a beautiful location in nature for the ceremony.  

90 Minute Ceremony in Peru:      s/100

90 Minute Ceremony in Omaha:  $75