Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

The work I do affects your being on every level; the physical body, stuck unwholesome emotions and trauma, negative beliefs and fears, and spiritual connection.  My focus has been working with clients affected by depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.  All sessions can be provided either in person or remotely.  I am happy to discuss how remote healing works for anyone who is interested!  I am currently in the Sacred Valley in Peru and provide work in Omaha NE a few months per year.  Please contact me for any questions or to set up a session today!

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a very powerful modality based on changing belief patterns and healing traumas on a subconscious level for immediate changes in your life!

Intuitive Reiki

A gentle, yet powerful Japanese healing method that focuses on overall healing and balancing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Rapé (Tobacco) Ceremonies

A healing ceremony combining the application of pure Tobacco from the Amazon, energy work, and song for deep cleansing on all levels!

Musical Healing with Channeled Piano

My partner and I are offering combined energy work sessions  at our home in Cuyo Grande, Peru.  I do a normal hands on healing as Eugene tunes into the energy of the session and channels piano music completely unique to you.  The energy work in the session is encoded in the music and recorded for your future use!  These sessions are available both in person and remotely.  Here is a sample of his music!  

Conscious Communion - Eugene Sedletsky
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