July/August 2019 Events

Cacao Ceremony

Sun July 21st, 2019, 2-6pm, Nirvana Pointe


(FULL) Spaces: 12 


Cost:  $35 per person

2 More Ceremonies to be determined

Cacao in its raw, pure form can be a very profound (non psychoactive) plant medicine when used with intention and direction. Before it is processed to make chocolate products, Cacao contains the chemical Theobromine, which acts as the medicinal component. I am bringing Cacao from Quillabamba to use for 1 or 2 ceremonies while I am there, and can help people source the same to be shipped to the US if you feel it is something you want to continue working with on your own.

In a ceremonial context, Cacao is a gentle yet powerful medicine for releasing what no longer serves, calling something into your life, or simply celebrating in gratitude. Cacao is a beautiful medicine for opening the heart, voice, and creative expression and helps us to connect deeply to our emotions with presence; process negative emotion we may be holding on to, and reconnect with feelings of joy, unconditional love, and gratitude. It is also a medicine of manifestation that helps to show you what is preventing you from living the life you desire.

Ceremonies are about 3 hours long and guided intuitively, but always include these elements:

--Explanation of historical uses of Cacao in ceremony, effects on the physical body, mind, and emotional state, and how to navigate the energetic space created by the medicine
--Opening prayer and sharing of intentions
--Guided Meditation to connect with the Cacao spirit
--Live music to guide and direct the process and to carry the vibration of cacao, by myself and potentially another musician friend
--Vocal exercises as a group
--Individual energy work/Reiki and herbal/tobacco cleansing
--Sharing of experiences and fruits afterward
--A recording of the music to revisit later :)
The extra hour is to allow for everyone to settle, and for talking afterward.

Discussion and Q and A:  Ayahuasca

Thurs July 18th, 7-9pm, Soul Works


Address:  7586 S. 84th St, La Vista


Spaces: Unlimited


Cost:  Free will donation to the space

2 More Talks to be determined

Ayahuasca and other plant medicines have been a huge part of my time in Peru, and a profound contribution to my own healing and personal transformation. I hold a deep respect and reverence for this medicine, and I am honored and excited to share some information with anyone who has felt a call or interest over the years. I have noticed alot of propaganda and articles from people who have not experienced it circulating Facebook and the internet, and I wanted to freely offer some information and perspective as someone who has been through nearly 200 ceremonies and humbly served this medicine for the couple of years in Peru.  This will be a presentation and a Q and A/open discussion where I can help to answer questions you may have. This is not meant to be a promotional talk in any form, but a heart centered sharing. There is no cost from me, but Soul Works is happy to accept any voluntary donations for giving us the space. Topics covered include:

--Historical uses of Ayahuasca from a traditional and western perspective

--Chemistry behind Ayahuasca and DMT and how it functions in the body

--General information about different styles ceremonies are held

--How sound and music function in a ceremony

--Effects on the body, mind, emotional state, and energy field, short term and long term

--De-mystifying the concept of purging

--Things to consider in a facilitator if you are looking for a ceremony in the future

--Safety considerations and restrictions, dietary protocols

--Importance of integration work

--Personal perspectives and experiences

Reiki I/II Training

View Reiki Classes Page for a Description of what is covered


Dates/Location TBD


Spaces:  4 (3 remaining)

Cost:  $400 per person ($200 for just level I or just level II)

Only 1 Training Available

***Please contact me directly for inquiries and booking***

Reiki Master Teacher Training

View Reiki Classes Page for a Description of what is covered


Dates/Location TBD


Spaces:  4 (2 remaining)

Cost:  $400 per person

Only 1 training available

***Please contact me directly for inquiries and booking***