Customized Mantras

Mantra is used in many Eastern traditions around the world for a huge variety of purposes.  My journey wiht mantra began in 2013 when I attended my first Kirtan in Omaha.  My entire life I had always wanted to sing, but when I would try, I would get very anxious, causing my vocal chords to tighten and preventing me from singing with a clear voice.  In 6 monhts of attending a weekly Kirtan, my voice was completely transformed.  Singing is not a gift that is given to a chosen few upon birth, but a skill that each and every one of you can develop.  I noticed along with the physical changes in my voice, that many other aspects of my life related to my voice changed as well.  I became much more comfortable with myself as a uniqu indivdual, and became much more genuine and authentic in my interactiuons with people, no longer fearing judgement or being