About Me

Discovery of Energy Work: The Shift in my Life Path and Career

I became more aware of my healing journey during my Junior year of college.  Since I was a toddler, I had the goal of becoming an MD and followed this path all the way through my undergraduate career.  My second two years of college, I experienced the culmination of a few health issues that were unable to be treated properly through conventional medicine, and I began to look into Alternative Health.  After being introduced first to Biofeedback, and then meditation by a wonderful Psychologist, I saw the end of 12 years of various medications for Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia!  We did not learn about the mind-body connection in college, and as soon as I experienced this for myself I instantly became fascinated and wanted to learn all I could! The second turning point in my Senior year was being cured of a severe hormonal disorder by taking a Chinese Herb for three months, after two Conventional doctors had told me that I would have to take high doses of female hormones for the rest of my life to control my symptoms.  In addition to my own health hurdles, I worked in nursing homes all throughout college and saw first hand the effects of compounding medications over a long period of time.  I realized that the path ahead of me was something I would not be happy pursuing...I wanted to work directly with people, to help achieve greater health, but this was not the way to do so.

I made the decision to let go of my lifelong plans and began exploring different forms of meditation, alternative medicine, and energy work.  I was first introduced to Reiki by a friend from a Oneness Blessing meditation group in Omaha, NE.  She had asked to do a practice session for me because she had just taken the class, and I remember when her hands first touched my head feeling a wave of bliss and unconditional love flow throughout my body that instantly gave me full body goosebumps.  I later learned that the full body goosebumps is my intuitive signal for something that is very resonant with my soul, and learned to follow this feeling over time.  Shortly after that experience, I found myself in my own Reiki I class, and it was the first major catalyst on my spiritual path.  My intuitive awareness blossomed with my first Reiki attunement, and I realized that many of my childhood issues were rooted in being an extreme empath and not being able to tell my own emotions apart from those around me.  With the blessing of Reiki, I was able to turn my empathic abilities that used to be debilitating, into a valuable healing tool.  I began feeling sensations in my body when I worked with my clients that reflected what was happening in their own bodies, and the traditional Reiki quickly turned into its own unique healing modality coming through me.  

I began teaching and providing sessions for free while working at my regular job.  I realized that while I loved providing free healing to others, I had very little energy left over while doing this in addition to a full time job.  I have taught Reiki to over 100 students, and have been deeply moved and humbled by the changes I have witness in myself, my clients, and my students.  All of my clients and students are my teachers, and I have learned SO much from working with them.  I opened an office in Benson called Angelic Touch Healing where I taught classes and provided treatments.  I also began collaboration with my now-partner, pianist Eugene Sedlestky, shortly after receiving my Master attunement.  Eugene has had the gift of bringing through divinely inspired music since he was a toddler.  After giving him a Reiki attunement, we quickly realized that this music could be used for profound healing.  We started a project called "musical healing" in which a large group of people received healing from the piano music, while I focused the energy on individual people one at a time through hands on healing.  You can listen to some of Eugene's music 
here, or learn more about his vision and how to support it here.  





Introduction to Theta Healing and the Sacred Valley of Peru

I felt immediately drawn to Peru after reading the "Celestine Prophecy" series in 2012, and had no idea how I would ever make it out there.  I put the intention out there, and continued with my life.  I was first introduced to Theta Healing in late 2013.  At the time I was a caregiver for a man with a very severe muscular disorder that left him bed-bound.   After a few remote sessions with a Theta Healer, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in his strength, pain level, and overall emotional well being.  I was fascinated and instantly began looking into how I could learn.  The closest teacher to Nebraska wanted $1000 per person to hold a class, which was far out of my price range at the time.  In early 2014 I met a man online from Pisac, Peru that very coincidentally had JUST taken his first Theta Healing course, and we became friends.  After 2 years of financial, mental, and emotional preparation, I got on a plane to Lima in November 2015 to live in the Sacred Valley and continue my own personal healing and training.

Within two months of arriving in Peru, I had taken the Basic, Advanced, and "Game of Life" Theta Healing classes.  I have experienced a complete transformation as a person and a healer through these classes, working with my peers, as well as participating in many ceremonies with the sacred plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and being surrounded by the incredible energy of the mountain spirits in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  In my personal healing journey, the work with Ayahuasca has provided the deepest healing I have ever experienced.  On New Year's Eve 2017, I held an Ayahuasca ceremony just for myself, and received the message to begin serving.  This came as a complete shock, and surprise to me, and I spent the ceremony denying my ability to do so.  The next day, I received a message from someone abroad who recognized my face in a Facebook post, and they told me that they had a dream of doing an Ayahuasca ceremony with me, asking if it was something I offered.  Thus began my work serving with my partner.  We currently hold ceremonies in a private setting, as we feel working individually at this point in our path is the best way for us to fully focus on the healing and remain in a place of complete integrity and humility with the medicine. 


Plans for the Future

Over the next two years, we plan to expand our non-profit retreat center with in the mountain community of Cuyo Grande, Peru to accomodate small groups of 4-8 people.  After living in this community for over a year, I have witnessed degrees of poverty that I never knew existed, and as much of our proceeds as possible are going to assist the communities around us.  I will have a page on go Fund Me soon with details of everything that we are providing.In the future after some research, we also want to help support funding to replant Ayahuasca in the Rainforest.  that will pay for our living expenses and donate to needy communities throughout the Sacred Valley, as well as a fund that preserves the Amazon Rainforest and replants Ayahuasca.  My hopes are to use my healing work to fund travel to different sacred sites around the world, gathering wisdom from people who have been involved in healing work for centuries.  I would like to eventually open several non-profit healing retreat in different parts of the world, and generate an income that allows me to financially support those in their twenties and thirties with beautiful visions who do not have the means of actualizing them.  Lastly I would like to donate to causes that preserve native culture around the world, so their wisdom is not lost in future generations.  With all of the family, friends, clients, and students I have here in Omaha, I plan to be here a few months out of every year.  By helping support me in these early stages, you are supporting the future of many and helping me make these dreams a reality!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today and for your support.

Love and Blessings,




Angelica Gordon